Outrage over dead horse photo shows a lack of perspective | Letters

By: Letters Saturday 6 March 2021

Anthony Hartnett and Kenneth R Jarrett on the controversy surrounding a picture of trainer Gordon Elliott sitting astride a dead horse

Your report on the Gordon Elliott controversy, which says it has caused “incalculable” damage to the sport of horse racing, lacks all perspective (Talking Horses: no one is likely to be satisfied once Elliott gets punishment, 5 March). Of course Elliott’s action was in very bad taste, but the horse he was photographed sitting astride was dead and there was no cruelty involved.

A few days earlier another report featured a harrowing photo of 11-year-old Sadia Ibrahim dying from starvation in Yemen (War and famine could wipe out the next generation of Yemenis, 1 March). How sad it is that the controversial photo of Elliott probably generated far more outrage in the popular consciousness.
Anthony Hartnett
Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland

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